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Thread: First trip to the beach

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    First trip to the beach

    How can I prepare my baby for her first trip to the beach? At what age is it safe to take her swimming?

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    Having lived on the beach for several years while my children were very young. Id say that you can take your baby to the beach at any age as long as he or she is very well protected from the sun and elements. Under a umbrella and a light blanket, hat etc. Id also suggest that you wait till the late afternoon once the sun is starting to go down, this will help protect your baby from the suns harmful rays.

    If you want to take your baby into the ocean, Id wait till your baby was about 4-6 months old. We put our little one into the water at about 12-16 weeks of age...just gently dipping his feet into the water. As long as the water is a nice warming temperature.

    Enjoy the beach!

    Where do you live that you enjoy the beautiful beach?


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    Hi sunnymumof5,

    I'll make sure to protect her from the sun, then.

    I know someone who took their baby swimming and the baby just started bawling her head off. I was afraid my daughter might do the same thing. So, the key is to gently introduce her to the water right?

    Thanks for the great advice!

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    Oh yes gently introducing baby to the water is key.
    Slowly sprinkle baby with water and see how she does.
    She will clue you in right away if she likes it or not.

    Have fun with it!


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