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    Want to breastfeed again

    I stopped breastfeeding when I decided to go back to work. I've quit my job recently so I can spend more time with my baby. Can I breastfeed again?

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    How exciting that you are wanting to breastfeed your baby now. Of course you can offer your baby your breast and see what happens.

    It really all depends oh how long your baby went with out nursing and if your breasts are still producing enough milk to keep your baby interested.

    Id try it and see how your baby reacts....and let us know what happens.

    Im not sure of the age of your child, you may need to pump your breast or offer a supplement.
    However it really all depends on the length of time that your breasts were not stimulated.

    Please do try and get back with us on how it all worked out.

    In the mean time here is a great article on re lactation.


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    Hi sunnymumof5,

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    My baby is 8 months old.

    I tried to offer my breast to her. She latched but only for a few minutes then she pulled away. I guess cause she's not getting enough milk yet.

    I'll try pumping

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    Hi mummydarling,

    I'd also recommend getting in touch with a lactation consultant who can help you with this or getting in touch with your local breastfeeding support group.

    You can also read another mum's relactation story here - I hope that it encourages you.

    Warm wishes,

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    Hi LJ,

    Thanks for the links!

    That mum's story is quite inspiring.

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    Yes I often find that mother-to-mother experiences are very valuable.

    Warm wishes,

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    I highly suggest that you keep offering her your breast, several times a day before her feeding and after a feeding and any time during the day that you can think of. You can even try going with out a shirt and sitting down to play with her and see how she responds.

    I would also suggest to offer her your breasts then pump for a few minutes after she nurses to help stimulate your milk supply. You may find that the more your breasts are stimulated the more responsive your baby is.

    How exciting that you are offering her your breast again.

    Let us know if you have any questions.


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    How are you getting on with this mummydarling? Did you feel able to implement any of these suggestions?

    Warm wishes,

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