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    What are the long-term effects of an epidural?

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    Their are many negatives and positives to the epidural. However each woman must do her own research and make a informed decision before she goes into labor with her baby.
    I chose to not ask for epidurals in 4 of my 5 pregnancies. I love to know that my body works and can handle the birth of my own baby.

    Here is a very infomative article of the risks to mother and baby when using a epidural in labor.

    Please do take the time to read it throughly as you will find quite a bit of great researched based information on epidurals.

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    Thanks, sunnymumof5!

    I actually chose an epidural because I wanted a pain-free labor. But, it was harder for me to push during the delivery. Also, I noticed some low back pains a few days after.

    Now that I've read the article, I think it's also possible that my milk supply decreased because of that.

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