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    Hi!!! I just wanted to ask this question. How can I prepare for my delivery? I just wanted to ask this because few weeks from now, I am expecting to deliver my baby and yet, I am still on the period where I am in doubt with regards to the preparations that I have to make.

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    Where are you planning on delivering your baby?
    A hospital, birth center or a home birth?

    In my personal experience with labor, which actually has been at all 3 mentioned above....
    I like to prepare by choosing friends and or family who I want at my birth. Sometimes a birthing mother prefers to be alone and others times she wishes to be surrounded by loving friends and certain family members.
    Do know tha,t whom ever is at your birth brings their energy with them. If at any point you feel any negative energy it can hinder your labor. So choose who is at your birth very thoughtfully and carefully. Also remember that you call the shots, so you can speak up and ask that someone leave if you feel the need to do so. Or have your support person ask that they leave as well.

    I also enjoyed have relaxing music, whether you have a ipod or music cd's....making sure you bring along your favorite relaxing music. I always make a "labor play list".... that is playing in the back ground while I labor.

    I also like to have lavender oil handy, lavender helps me to relax and when rubbed on your temples can alleviate stress and bring a calmness to your soul.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns about your upcoming birth.
    Relax and trust your amazing body, you will know what to do when the time comes, follow your body's lead and go with the flow of your baby.

    Looking to hearing back from you.
    We would love for you to share your birth story at some point.


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