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    How do you handle an over-protective brother and sister?

    I have two older children who are very, very protective of their younger brother. Sometimes it is beyond what should be normal. How do you handle this?

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    I think this is normal in the majority of cases. Can you give us some specific examples so we can help you further with this? Your older children are still adapting to having a new sibling. It is likely that they have picked up on adults saying 'be careful around the baby', 'don't do that near the baby' etc (which sometimes is sadly over-conveyed to older sibling) and now they have taken this line of thinking of themselves. Do you think they have experienced this? What things helped to prepare them for their new brother? It will get easier as they adapt more to have a new brother and as their new brother gets more mobile and confident.

    Warm wishes,

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    Thank you!

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