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Thread: Dealing with very strong personalities

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    Dealing with very strong personalities

    One of my children has a very strong willed, take charge personality. By nature, she likes to take control over my two younger children, give orders, and be the second parent. My other children are more passive, and accept this. How can I help her control less, and help the others be more assertive?

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    How old is this child in question? Is this your first born?

    What sort of things have you done thus far in helping with the issue?

    I have found that getting on the child's eye level and talking to them helps wonders. Gently and lovingly explain what you are noticing and how that make you feel.

    Your child may be a leader and that is perfectly ok too.

    Keep constant communication open with your children and remember they are watching how you interact with others as well.

    Hope this helps a little.


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