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    Twin boys causing stress

    I have 16 month old twins, one of my twins is VERY dominant and he pushes the other around. We say the A in baby A is for aggressive. Is there anyway to teach him to be kinder to his twin brother? Or to teach his more passive brother to stand up for himself? Our passive twin ends up in tears quite often.

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    Know that you are not alone with your twins, this is a very common occurrence with twins and siblings who are very close in age. One tends to have a stronger personality than the other.

    A friend recently mentioned this same issue with her twin's what she had to say:

    "My twin girls just turned 2 yrs old and one is def more aggressive than the other. She is the one who would bite her sister, take toys away, hit, and pull hair. Its stressful to get through the biting stage, hitting stage and pulling hair. My other daughter wouldn't bite back, but she would hit occasionally. They take each others toys (which they only want when the other one has it - very common with toddlers). I was finally able to teach them to share - which works most of the time, but I do have to remind them to share with the other. Just keep on reinforcing that its not nice to do whats shes doing to her sister, and as frustrating as it gets, its usually just a stage and she will move on to some other stage. It does get better!! My girls are buddies more so now than before, but they have their moments. Good luck!!"

    Great advice from one twin mum to the other...hope this helps you see that you are not alone with this issue.

    Happy twin parenting..

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    Just wondering how you are doing 3kidsforme?

    It is hard work having three kids and even harder having kids. So be gentle on yourself and don't make yourself feel guilty. Gentle parenting is not just about parenting our kids with a gentle and respectful attitude; it is also about being gentle and forgiving to ourselves. After all, our kids learn most from the way we live rather than the things we say.

    Hope you are ok,

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