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Thread: How do you deal with different bed times for different ages?

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    How do you deal with different bed times for different ages?

    I have three children who want to go to bed all at the same time. The youngest should go to bed earlier. Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

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    That's difficult. Are you putting them to bed on your own or do you have help? Please remind me of the ages of your children. Are they in the same/separate rooms?

    I would gradually bring your youngest's bedtime earlier so you can just put your baby to bed first. How long does your youngest normally go to sleep? How do you help them to go to sleep? It then depends on the room sleeping arrangements as to what happens next with the older ones. Many parents find that playing a child a talking book through an electronic device really helps to settle down children aged 2 and above. How do your older children normally fall asleep?

    Warm wishes,

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    They are all one year apart. I put them to bed myself. I usually start the process at the same time for everyone. The older ones hold out a little longer, and the youngest usually falls asleep first. Thanks!

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    Thanks for your quick response and helpful answers!

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    That's hard work putting them all bed yourself - I don't know if I could do it to be honest. I guess a good bedtime routine really is key for your family.

    With warm wishes,

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