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Thread: Going on vacation and leaving kids with parents

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    Going on vacation and leaving kids with parents

    My husband and I will be going on a short vacation and leaving our three kids with my parents. We have never left them overnight before and I am very nervous. We will be out of the country and the idea of being that far away is very nerve-wracking. Does anyone have any tips to make it easier for everyone involved. The kids are three and 16 month old twins.

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    I understand your concerns, it can be quite worrying the first time you leave your children overnight.

    How long are you going for?

    I would recommend you have a trial where they sleep overnight at your parents where you are staying nearby. This will allow you to be 'on call' if you are really needed but may also help to put your mind at rest for your trip if it goes well.

    When I left my older son for the first time overnight with his grandparents (I was in labour with my second son) I prepared a long written document that was almost like an instruction manual for him! The grandparents said it was so helpful - filled with little things like the song I sing him to go to sleep, his favourite trousers and the sounds he made (not quite words at that stage) when he wanted a drink etc I also found this process reassuring as I knew I had told them everything (it was a very long document!) about his normal daily life and bedtime routine. It went really well and he was very happy.

    I also found it helpful and reassuring that his grandparents would regularly text me and send me picture messages about what he was doing and I could see his smiling face on my phone. It meant that I could relax more.

    Do your children spend lots of time with your parents?

    Its also important to know that whoever you leave your children with fully understand and respect the way you parent and you can be confident that they will care for your children in the same way.

    I really do hope some of this helps - let me know what you think.
    Warm wishes,

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    Thank you so much for your response. My parents actually live 8 hours away so the kids only see them about every other month. My three year old is very close with them though. They will be coming to our house, so the kids won't be disrupted too much. I'm sure I'm being the bigger baby here.
    My daughter was alone with my mum overnight when I had the twins, but my husband went home to put her to bed and saw her in the morning.

    I do like your ideas and will use a few if them. We will be gone for four days but gone before they wake and home after they're in bed.

    Thanks again!

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    I do hope it goes well for all of you and is an easy transition. I also hope you enjoy your break - you deserve it!


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    Thank you again.
    Sure it will be fine and I'm worrying over nothing. I'm sure I'll miss them more than they'll miss me. We really need the time together as husband and wife and it will bet first break from mommy hood in more than three years!

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    Yes enjoy your vacation! Sounds like everyone will be well taken care of.

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