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Thread: Everytime I am out of his sight he cries.

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    Everytime I am out of his sight he cries.

    One of my twins will cry non stop if I leave his sight. This only happens if we are out shopping or if we are playing at another friends house. My daughter never went through this and I am not sure how to approach it. Should I just wear him more or let him deal with it? He is a big boy and holding him all the time is getting difficult.

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    Is this the child who likes to nuzzle your breasts?

    If so Id say he is highly sensitive and likes to be you as much as he can. That is perfectly normal.
    Wearing him more will help you out so much and help him feel safe and secure. He is still very young and loves to be with mama the most.

    Soon he will be off running and playing and you will be able to relax more.
    Your an amazing mom to be so in tune to his needs, he's a lucky fella to have you as his mum!


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    Yes! It is. If we are home he is bombing around without a care and is very secure and confident. In new environments, he's like a different baby. I am more than happy to wear him and get more use out of my wrap.
    Thanks for all the fantastic advice.

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