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Thread: Weaned baby still trying to breastfeed

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    Weaned baby still trying to breastfeed

    My twins have been weaned for about 6 months now and one of them will still try and breastfeed on a fairly regular basis. His hand is always down my shirt and he bites at my breast almost daily, more often when he is upset or stressed. Any ideas how to help him move past this or when he will do it on his own?
    Thank you.

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    Have you offered him the breast to see what he does?
    He may have weaned to soon and is seeking out comfort at your breasts.
    My breastfed children tend to seek comfort at the breast even after they have weaned for several years.
    They will come up and sniff my breasts and nuzzle their sweet little heads in my chest. Cuddle and lay down where they once were comforted and nurtured.

    Id say tune into his needs and offer him time at the breast. If you prefer not to allow him to latch on, you can allow him to cuddle with you and love on him in return.

    Remember your amazing breasts nurtured him for a long time.

    How excited that you nursed twins for so long!
    Way to go mama!

    Let us know how it all works out.


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    I haven't, but I am willing to. He has been giving my love bites lately, so I'm nervous. It's good to hear that it's not uncommon. I would have continued to breastfeed them longer, but circumstances just didn't allow it and I couldn't keep up with the demand

    Thanks for your advice.

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    Hi threekidsforme,

    My three year old went off to sleep with his hand on the 'mummy milk' today. I felt very proud - we spent two and a half years bonding through breastfeeding and him being comforted and cared for through this and a year on he still understands this connection. I think it's a beautiful thing!

    I'm enjoying reading your posts and all you are sharing here on the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond forum - you sound like a wonderful mummy,

    Warm wishes,

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    I think my 5yo has finally weaned from the breast.
    He stopped in the past month slowly, 4 months before his 6th birthday.
    It was gradual, slow and peaceful.
    He still comes up to me and sniffs my shirt or my skin...I know it brings him much joy and peace to remember those smells and warmth's.


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    That's wonderful to read sunnymumof5 - thank you for sharing and encouraging us all. LJ

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