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Thread: Breastfeeding in the Car

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    Breastfeeding in the Car

    I just came across this article today and was pretty surprised. I cannot imagine breastfeeding in the car with a baby unrestrained, as it is just so dangerous. The article says that three women were given tickets during Operation Safe Kids. The police found those women who were breastfeeding, but also children in the footwells and luggage compartments.

    Did anyone else see this article? I only hope that they have learned how dangerous it can be to not have your child restrained in the car and hopefully no one continues driving that way. I can only imagine how awful it would be if they were in an accident.

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    Yes - I don't even want to think of what could happen in an accident.

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    When I think back to when I was a kid, we never wore seat belts. My brother and I climbed all over the back seat. Today, I cannot imagine putting my children - or even myself - into a vehicle without buckling up. I strongly believe women have the right to breastfeed anywhere they want to but not in a moving vehicle. That is very dangerous! My thoughts are -- pull over, breastfeed, then get back on the road.

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