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Thread: Women in the media with their new babies at work

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    Women in the media with their new babies at work

    There's been a few cases in the media over the last year of well known women taking their newborn babies to work with them. Have a look at this news article showing a MEP from Italy taking new new baby girl to work in a sling, very much in the eyes of the media.

    What's your opinion on cases like these? I think it's great that this baby girl seems so happy close to her mum (who is obviously very successful) but I also wonder if the media play down the time needed to recover from pregnancy and birth. I know not everyone has the luxury of time off work, but I also wonder if the wonderful (but tiring) time bonding with your newborn baby is being hurried by society's expectations to get back to work. What do you think?

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    I am in two minds - they are gorgeous pictures of a mum wearing her baby and she is is obviously in love with her baby. But the baby is so little and I would hope they'd be home having a baby moon, getting to know each other without outside distractions.

    On a personal I did return to work very part time with my last two babies at around three months. They came with me on prenatal visits - offering a live breastfeeding demonstration - my husband would care for them if I got called to a birth. It was a juggling act.
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    Wow aussiemidwife! - a live breastfeeding demonstration - now that's invaluable experience for a new breastfeeding mum.

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