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    Your Beautiful Pregnant Body

    How did you/do you feel about your body in pregnancy? As you see your tummy growing and your body changing what thoughts do you have? How about after you have given birth - what do you feel about your body that has brought new life to this world?

    Pregnant bodies are beautiful bodies. Bodies which have given birth are beautiful bodies. In some ways they will be forever changed - but they are marked by the wonder of making a new life. This should be celebrated.

    This doesn't mean that it is always easy to accept these changes initially. There is no other time in life when our bodies change so rapidly and so obviously.

    If you are in need of inspiration for loving your body then have a look at the Beautiful Body Project. This wonderful project praises the un-photoshopped bodies of mothers.

    We would love to hear back with your views on the Beautiful Body Project and how you feel about your beautiful pregnant body.
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