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    Question predicting miscarriage?

    I'm sorry for those who have experienced miscarriages and loss. Unfortunately it is very common in my family--mother, aunts, grandmother.

    Can it be something hereditary causing this trauma? Is there any way to predict how likely you are to miscarry?

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    It is theoretically possible for a tendency toward miscarriages to be hereditary and to run in families, and a few studies have suggested that unexplained recurrent miscarriages might sometimes run in families. It is worth mentioning your families history at your preconception visit with your doctor. However, this doesn't mean that your risk of miscarriage is necessarily any higher than average.

    Their is no scientific way to predict whether you will miscarry or not.

    So, do mention your family history of miscarriages to your doctor, but unless you know for sure that they were diagnosed with a chromosomal condition, you probably don't need any advance testing. Most likely, your risk of miscarriage isn't higher than average.


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