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    Exercise after months of delivery...

    I had a cesarean section delivery 3 months ago, I am wondering if it's advisable that I can engage to active exercises such as walking, jogging or swimming?

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    Oh yes it is perfectly ok to start a daily exercise routine. It is mostly encouraged at this point. You can engage your child and go on long walks with your infant. Do daily yoga or swimming.

    Getting 30 minutes or more of exercise daily helps with so many aliments.
    You will also begin to have more energy as you exercise your amazing body.

    Peace and Love

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    Wow that would be great! I was quite anxious to start active exercises having fear for my operation, but I am very glad to know for this info. Thanks a lot!

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    Breastfeeding your baby may help you to lose weight, if you also eat healthily and exercise. Breastfeeding burns up to 330 calories a day. Remember that your body needs time to recover from labour and birth. Give yourself plenty of time to get back in shape, and don't despair if the weight doesn't fall off immediately.

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    Yes a mother who is lactating tends to burn on average about ~300 calories a day. Add gentle exercise to your daily routine and you should feel great!

    I know that with my little ones I tend to lose my pregnancy weight around month 9 after baby!


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    Yes you can start exercise. It's safe.

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