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Thread: any advice would be much appreciated please

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    any advice would be much appreciated please

    Hello, I am a student midwife, where I will graduate as a midwife in 7 shifts. I am writing because I am 34 years old and have been married for over a year, with plans in June of this year (2012) to fall pregnant (hopefully) as my biological clock keeps me up at night! The reason why I am writing is quite an unusual request, but I am currently in two minds where to have my baby when the time arises. I do not want to birth in the hospital that I currently work in as then the people that I work with will not only see my private parts when I birth, but they will also know my full background history, in which involves severe emotional and mental abuse during my childhood. I have also been bullied quite severely during my time at work as a student midwife so I dont want to risk the chance of the women who bullied me deliver my baby! I try to keep my private life very private, including my age, in which everyone at work thinks that I am 24! But actually I am not...and I dont want my friends at work to know about this. Any advice anyone can give to me would be very much appreciated; I live in the western sydney area and work in public health. I am considering private hospital care, yet I am in 2 minds about health insurance; is it worth it, etc?? Thank you and I look forward to hearing your replies.

    p.s I am also weary of home birth, due to expense and the recent article in the news about a mum recently dying whilst giving birth at home...
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    I totally understand your need to keep your private life private and not share it with work colleagues and friends. It would be a good idea to research your options carefully as the decision on who you choose to care for you in pregnancy and where you give birth has an enormous impact on the birth outcome and your emotional experience. I must my observation is that private care is not necessarily better care. In fact if you have a look at NSW Health Mothers and Babies Report 2009 it shows the private hospitals have caesarean rates almost approaching 50% - which is outrageous. Private health insurance is expensive and covers your accommodation in hospital as a private patient and some of the gap in the obstetrician's fees - you need to have private health insurance for at least 12 months before the baby is born. You'd have to way up the benefits verses the costs. You might be better off putting the money in a bank account and paying the fees if you choose to go private. Given your history I would suggest seeing some form of continuity of care model and give birth a different hospital to the one you work at. You can also choose a private midwife to provide your care and they may be able to be your midwife in the hospital system. I have an arrangement with Westmead Hospital that allows me to do this and so do a couple of other midwives. When weighing up the costs etc don't forget the you can claim some Medicare for out of pocket expense if you book with an eligible midwife. Also you could choose to have a midwife and obstetrician team for your care through the private system. It is absolutely outrageous that you've been bullied in the workplace - but unfortunately it is not an isolated experience. I speak to many midwives and student midwives who've had a similar experience. If you need to talk confidentially about your options feel free to ring during business hours 9873 1750.
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    You definitely should not attempt to give birth in the hospital where you work, particularly if some of the more experienced midwives have bullied you. You do not want to have a baby in that sort of negative atmosphere. I hope that you find a solution that fits your budget and your desire for a good birth. Please let us know how things turn out. So sorry you are having a bad experience in the work place, that is so unfair.

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