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    any advice would be much appreciated please

    Hello, I am a student midwife, where I will graduate as a midwife in 7 shifts. I am writing because I am 34 years old and have been married for over a year, with plans in June of this year (2012) to fall pregnant (hopefully) as my biological clock keeps me up at night! The reason why I am writing is quite an unusual request, but I am currently in two minds where to have my baby when the time arises. I do not want to birth in the hospital that I currently work in as then the people that I work with will not only see my private parts when I birth, but they will also know my full background history, in which involves severe emotional and mental abuse during my childhood. I have also been bullied quite severely during my time at work as a student midwife so I dont want to risk the chance of the women who bullied me deliver my baby! I try to keep my private life very private, including my age, in which everyone at work thinks that I am 24! But actually I am not...and I dont want my friends at work to know about this. Any advice anyone can give to me would be very much appreciated; I live in the western sydney area and work in public health. I am considering private hospital care, yet I am in 2 minds about health insurance; is it worth it, etc?? Thank you and I look forward to hearing your replies.

    p.s I am also weary of home birth, due to expense and the recent article in the news about a mum recently dying whilst giving birth at home...
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