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Thread: Overweight and wanting to have a baby

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    Overweight and wanting to have a baby

    I'm a 29 year old woman that is 45.5 kg overweight. I am in the process of losing weight, but I need to know what a good weight range would be before getting pregnant. This is a difficult process for me; so, any tips on weight loss and weight ranges for what I need to weight before pregnancy would be very helpful.

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    What a great question,

    I feel that each woman has a different weight range that is ideal for pregnancy. We are all made so differently that so many factors play into effect, such as height, heredity, build etc.
    Here is a link to a great conversation on weight pre-pregnancy.

    Have you consulted with your family doctor on this matter?
    I would suggest that you have a physical and get the advice of a doctor on a healthy weight for your body would be. Then you would have a goal in place in your weight loss journey.
    Best of luck to you.


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    Hi DecisionsDecisions,

    Yes as sunnymumof5 says above please have a look at that previous discussion on a healthy pre-pregnancy weight. It your your body mass index which is particularly important.

    Please could I ask if you have regular periods?

    Exercising regularly is obviously important when you are tying to lose weight. However, some women do not realise that a regular exercise regime also means a woman is more likely to have a healthy pregnancy and a shorter, easier birth. Do you do any regular exercise at the moment?

    Packing your diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables will help you to lose weight and, again, to have the nutrients your body needs in pregnancy. Avoid sugary food and convenience food and focus on high quality protein, wholegrains and fruit and vegetables.

    Please do post back with any further questions you have.
    Warm wishes,

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