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    Older husband and pregnancy

    My husband is over 10 years older than me. This means he is over 40. I am curious if this could cause some fertility issues once we start preparing for a child. Is there any concern? Is there anything that may help to ensure we will have a child? Suggestions needed.

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    Dear DecisionsDecisions,

    Thank you for posting this interesting questions.

    A man's fertility does decrease with age but it is a much more gradual and slow process than for a woman (whose fertility levels start to significantly decrease from age 35 and with each subsequent year until age 40-45). Most men in their 40s will be able to father a child. Men in their 40s may take longer to get their partner pregnant than men in their 30s but for most there is no problem.

    There are increased issues (for example more chance of the baby having a generic syndrome) if the woman is aged over 35 and the man is too. Once a man is aged over 35 he will produce more sperm which have defects. If his partner is under 35 years old (on average) then her eggs can repair the sperm but if she is over 35 years old then this process will not occur.

    One problem in terms of reduced fertility that can arise as a man gets older is his weight. Men tend to, on average, put on weight as they get older and this can reduce their fertility levels. Is your husband a healthy weight? It will be important for him to eat a healthy, balanced diet and exercise regularly as well as yourself. He could always go for a healthy check-up before you begin trying to conceive.

    With warm wishes,

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