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    Good weight gain and diet plan during pregnancy

    I'm not pregnant yet, but I'm hoping to be in the next couple years. Since I have weight issues, I'm curious of what a good weight range to gain during pregnancy would be. Also what is a good diet plan during pregnancy?

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    Dear DecisionsDecisions,

    It is good that you are thinking about this now - before you conceive. You are more likely to have a healthy, low-risk pregnancy if you are a healthy weight before you conceive. Your birth is also more likely to be quicker, easier and involve less medical interventions if you are a healthy weight pre-pregnancy.

    It is your body mass index (BMI) which is important - it is best if this is in the normal range when you become pregnant. Dieting is not advised during pregnancy. As I say above, it is far better to reach a healthy weight before you conceive and it sounds like you have plenty of time to do this. Here is on online BMI calculator.

    Please could I ask if you have regular periods and what your BMI is?

    In terms of how much weight you should gain during pregnancy:

    - if your pre-pregnancy BMI was normal you should gain 25-35 pounds
    - if your pre-pregnancy BMI showed you were underweight you should gain 38-40 pounds
    - if your pre-pregnancy BMI showed you were overweight you should gain 15-25 pounds
    - if your pre-pregnancy BMI showed you were obese you should gain 11-20 pounds

    When you are pregnant, or trying to conceive, you should pack your diet full of as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible (organic varieties are even better). Avoid processed food and food which is high in sugar. There are more detailed resources here on what to eat in pregnancy.

    Please have a look through all this and get back to us with any further questions you have so that we can support you with this.
    Warm wishes,

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