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    Preparing dogs for a baby

    I'm not pregnant at the moment, but I'm hoping to be in the next couple of years. I have two dogs that live inside. I"m wondering if anyone knows how to prepare dogs for bringing a baby home. Is there anything in particular they need to know? Special commands? Should I be concerned for any reason? Obviously, I wouldn't leave a child alone with a dog as a baby, but I would like to hear from someone that may have dogs and how they went about preparing, introducing, and in general living with dogs with a baby. Thanks in advance.

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    Dear DecisionsDecisions (yes there are lots of those when you are planning a family!),

    I don't have dogs so I can't help to give a personal perspective on this although hopefully our forum members will be able to help.

    I do know that we have had this book previously recommended on the forum: There's A Baby in the House: Preparing your Dog for the Arrival of your Baby by Mike Wombacher.

    There are also some general tips here on having pets around babies.

    I hope you find all the answers to your questions.

    Warm wishes,

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    I've never heard of the book. After reading the summary, it sounds like it would be perfect for me. I have a dog that has some issues with being wild. Hopefully, it will help. I'll also check out those tips. Thanks!

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    I hope it helps you and your dog

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