Hi Everyone!, My name is Amy a single woman in my late 40's and is trying to conceive. Maybe all of you will be surprise why at this point in my life I am not yet married and no children. Happy to say that now me and my fiance had plan that it is about time that we should marry and have a child. I know that it is already late but I have trust in the Lord that I can conceive and will have a healthy pregnancy at my age.

I also believe and hope that at this forum I can view and learn some insights on how to conceive, have a safe pregnancy and what are the things to avoid and a complete guide in giving birth the easier way in late pregnancy.

It is also a privelege that I am willing to give some ideas which I know from the experiences I had heard and learned from other people I know who are already full time mums.

Well, I am happy that I am now part of this forum and what else i can say but simply a big "Thank You".

Have a great day to all!