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    Sex during pregnancy, is it ok?

    My partner and I are have always been sexually active for 6 years now. When I got pregnant, my libido started to decrease, especially when my tummy started bulging out. According to friends, it should be the other way around, they say I should be more into him. We experimented with ways to bring the heat back but everytime we do so, I get scared that I may hurt the baby. Any advice on this? Thanks!!

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    Hi chloemontanez,

    Thanks for your question.

    It is safe to have sex during pregnancy. This is the case unless your midwife/ doctor has advised otherwise or you have any vaginal bleeding or your waters have broken.

    However, every women feels differently about sex in pregnancy. For some women, they feel more like having sex with the changes in their body and other women may go off sex completely during pregnancy. Do what feels right for you. Talk to your partner about how you are feeling - I'm sure he will understand.

    Warm wishes,

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