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Thread: Pelvic Girdle Pain

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    Pelvic Girdle Pain

    Pelvic girdle pain can cause a lot of discomfort for some pregnant women and it's caused by the ligaments becoming softer in pregnancy so that your joints move more than normal. This is necessary for a normal pregnancy (for example it helps the baby to move through your pelvis in labour). However, in some women it can also cause one side of the pelvis to move more than the other side and so be known as 'unlocked'.

    Typical symptoms of pelvic girdle pain are pain in the: pubic bone, lower back, perineum and even inner thighs. It is most likely to be uncomfortable when you go from a sitting to standing position and when turning over in bed or standing on one leg. You should see your midwife if you think you may be suffering from pelvic girdle pain and they may refer you to a physiotherapist. It may be that you need to wear a pelvic support belt or do extra exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor, stomach and hips.

    Have you ever suffered from pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy? Did you find anything which particularly helped you to make it easier?

    I have experienced pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain and I find this particularly difficult when in bed at night. I do find that avoiding laying on my back makes a big difference (and a pregnancy support pillow helps me with this). Trying not to carry weight on one hip (including toddlers!) also keeps it to a minimum. I have also found that swimming helps me to manage the pain better.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
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    I never had this issue with any of my pregnancies, however I did see a chiropractor regularly with my pregnancies.
    I'm certain that regular chiro care helps leaps and bounds during a pregnancy and afterwards as well.

    Prenatal yoga is another great preventative measure as well.


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    Thank you sunnymumof5 - yes some mums who do have pelvic girdle pain report that a chiropracter can help to lock the weakened side of the pelvis back into place.


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    I'm curious as to what stage in pregnancy people first notice this pain.

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    PGP can begin as early as the first trimester or as late as the last few days before giving birth. If the pain comes on at the very end of your pregnancy, it may be because your baby's head is engaging, or moving down into the pelvis. If this is the case, it is unusual to have pain after giving birth.


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