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    Beautiful twins home water birth story

    Hi ladies who have had twins or are expecting twins,

    Whilst I am in neither of these categories I have been reading this beautiful twins home water birth story. As a friend and colleague to a lady who has twins I understand the extra pressures women can feel under (or be put under by medical staff) when they are pregnant with twins. If you have felt in this position then you may find this article useful for exemplifying a natural twins birth - at home and in a water pool.

    I hope you enjoy reading this empowering and special birth story.

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    That is a very beautiful birth story! I have never read a story about the water birth of twins before, not that it hasn't happened but it seems to me like it's very uncommon. That author is a woman who knows her body and believed in her ability and the ability of her wonderfully skilled midwives. Amazing! A water birth, home birth, and any sort of natural birth is usually discouraged with twins. I gave birth in a cold opertating room and would have been thankful to have even been in the birthing suite of the hospital but no...

    It was my first pregnancy and I just did what medical professionals recommended. I felt very fortunate not to have a c-section as many mums of twins are encourage to do -- this is regardless of whether it is medically necessary or not. Looking back I may have explored different options but I can't complain too much about having two beautiful and healthy boys.

    It really makes great sense that a women's body - not medical text books - should dictate how the birthing process goes. After all, our bodies were specifically designed to do these miraculous things.

    I am very impressed by the mum and her wonderful midwives who encouraged and supported her through her pregnancy and birth!
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    DoubleSunshine: yes it's great to read such a positive home birthing story especially with twins as, like you say, the medical profession can often label a lot of risks on a twin birth and not all of these may be necessary. That's great you didn't need to have a c-section with your twins.

    What do you think about this post discussing the perceived risks of home births and how we can work to change this?

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    Excellent question! I would agree that the information I was faced with as a mother of twins scared me and probably does other mums as well. I never would have even considered giving birth at home but I never read a twin homebirth story like this one either. We are told that the hospital is the safest place to give birth to our babies, that doctors know best, that we (pregnant women) couldn't possibly know how to listen to our bodies and determine what is best for us and our children. There are certainly circumstances when a c-section is medically necessary, when giving birth in a birthing centre or hospital might be best but it's not always necessary and often home birth natural births and the like have been shown to be less traumatising to mother and child.

    I am curious to know why c-sections are becoming more and more widespread? Is it because doctors are afraid of things going wrong in a vaginal birth and so they choose the c-section? Is it easier? Do they make more money? I honestly don't get it?

    I think the only way to curb this is to educate pregnant women about homebirths and other birthing options. They should then weigh the pros and cons and decide for themselves what they are more comfortable with and what will be best -- of course they still need to take into consideration the advice of their midwife or care provider as well.

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    I think it is a combination of things that has led to the increase in C-sections Double Sunshine. Obviously, it is easier for the physician and they cost is far higher, so there is more profit. Of course, I think a lot of physicians also turn to C-section more readily than they normally would because they fear legal persecution more now than they once did.

    C-sections definitely do not seem to be better for moms and babies and are being used way too often. Of course, some mothers choose C-section out of fear, and that is truly sad =(. We definitely need to educate young women about birth and female health concerns. Our young women need to be better informed about their birth choices and options and have a more accurate perception of what it is to give birth.

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