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    Talking Two caesareans prior

    What would be the likelihood of having a VBAC after two caesarean's (back to back less than a year between)? I am hoping that once we finally get pregnant again that I will be able to have a VBAC. My first c-section was an emergency, and the second was planned. My daughter is 4, so it will be a good amount of time between her c-section and the VBAC. I am hoping to find a midwife or doctor that will be willing to work with me on this.
    Experiences would be helpful.


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    Here is a link to quite a few posts on vbac's....I highly encourage you to scan through them and gather any information that would pertain to your particular situation.
    I'm sure you will find a plura of great advice and wisdom in these forums.
    If you have any further questions please to let us know.

    Peace and Love

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    Hi k_stinson,

    I think it's wise that you are considering having a VBAC. There are many risks associated with having a c-section (such as the risk of infection to mum and baby and the increased chance of the baby having breathing problems if born by planned c-section before 39 weeks). There is a risk of the uterine scar rupturing with a VBAC but remember that this risk is very small (less than 0.5%) and you would be monitored carefully during your labour and then would be recommended to have a c-section if it looked like you were more at risk from this happening.

    As you say, having a supportive midwife or doctor is key in having a successful VBAC.

    When you have previously had two c-sections your chance of having a successful VBAC is 75%. I hope this figure is good news for you and encourages you to discuss this route with your doctor and midwife.

    The likely success of the VBAC does depend on the reason why you previously had c-sections. Would you be able to explain this in more detail?

    From what you have described so far you have a good chance of having a successful VBAC and benefiting from the advantages of this (both you and baby).

    Warm wishes,

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    Great advice LJ!

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