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    conceiving in your 30s

    Many consider that 30's the happy medium age for pregnancy. More secure in career and relationship.. but do you believe that there's a tremendous difference between your ability to get pregnant in your early versus your late 30's.?

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    Dear redempta,

    This is an important and interesting question - thank you for posting it.

    Yes extensive research now shows that a woman's fertility does decrease with age in her 30s and particularly significantly from age 35 onwards.

    At 30 years of age the probability of getting pregnant in a year of trying is around 65% at age 39 this figure drops to around 40%. Different studies vary in these values but they all agree that there is a significant drop in fertility levels throughout a womans 30s with the most dramatic drop beginning at age 35. This is largely because the quantity of a woman's eggs decreases with age.

    At age 30 the miscarriage rate is approximately 12% and at age 39 it is sadly approximately 38%. This is because the quality of a woman's eggs decrease with age. This is why certain syndromes such as Down Syndrome are also more likely in the late 30s compared to early 30s.

    It is important for women to be aware of the implications of waiting longer to conceive. Yes they may be more secure financially/ more established in certain areas of life but they may take longer to conceive then they want or find they have fertility problems.

    With warm wishes,

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    I am having the same internal discussion, it is a difficult balance to strike!

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