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    Stouffers Frozen Lasagna and listeria

    Hi everyone,
    I am new to this forum and a first time expectant mum. I am currently 20 weeks. Tonight I microwaved a Stouffers Frozen lasagna and am now worried about listeria. I think I may be over-reacting but the ingredients say the mozzarella is made from pastuerized milk but the Parmesan cheese says 'cultured milk, salt, enzymes' and the cottage cheese says 'dry curd cottage cheese - cultured skim milk and enzymes'. I cooked it thoroughly (well steaming) and it is a well-known company that makes many types of frozen foods but I am still worried (or obsessing really). I am so careful about the pastuerized thing but didn't think to look on the ingredients before I ate it. I threw up after dinner (not sure it was related) and would very much appreciate your advice.
    Thanks so much for your understanding and patience.

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    Dear Sammie-Lynn,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm sorry you have been worried about this.

    Parmesan is safe to eat in pregnancy because it is a hard cheese even though it is unpasturised. The fact that it is a hard cheese means that it is extremely unlikely that the bacteria which cause listeria could grow in it. Cottage cheese is safe to eat in pregnancy.

    Add to this that you cooked the lasagna according to the manufacturer's instructions and it was piping hot when you had cooked it I would not be concerned about this.

    Listeria tends to cause flu-like symptoms. Can you think of any other reasons why you were sick e.g. morning sickness or worry about the lasagna? If you are still concerned then you should see your midwife and you could also ask for a listeria blood test. However, the type of cheeses in the lasagna are not considered high risk for listeria in pregnancy (they are safe to eat) and this is even more the case given you cooked the lasagna properly.

    For a detailed read about listeria see this article: Listeria and Pregnancy.

    I hope this all helps - please do post back if we can support you further with this or with any questions you have about pregnancy, birth and beyond.

    Warm wishes,

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    How are you feeling Sammie-Lynn? LJ

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