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    What helped you to relax in pregnancy?

    Learning to relax in pregnancy is an important skill to have. Indeed, it is a life skill which can help you as your bump becomes a baby and your baby becomes a child and eventually a teenager! Stress should be avoided in pregnancy and learning to stay calm will also help you to be a gentle parent.

    There are lots of tools and activities that could help you to relax in pregnancy. What helped you to avoid stress in pregnancy?

    - Many women find exercise beneficial to both their mind and body in pregnancy. During pregnancy, it is recommended that you continue to exercise at the same level that you were participating in pre-pregnancy (avoiding contact sports and laying on your back). Swimming is particularly enjoyed by many pregnant women; the water supports the weight of your bump.

    - Talking about any concerns you have about the pregnancy or birth or looking after a baby with your midwife or doctor is wise. Better to do this then make yourself feel stressed with worry.

    - Be kind to yourself and give yourself time to enjoy doing the things you love. You will probably find it more difficult to do this once the baby arrives so meet with friends, enjoy your favourite cafe, read your favourite book and meet up with your friends.

    - Try hypnobirthing or look into Calmbirth.

    I look forward to reading about how you learnt to relax more during pregnancy.

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    Massage!! I love massage and have tried during my first trimester for my first baby! I'm now having the second one and wanted to book another prenatal massage again during my first trimester but was advised to use the service only after first trimester instead -
    Is it true that I can only do it after first trimester?

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