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    Baby dandruff !!!

    My son is around one year old and is healthy and normal. lately I have noticed dandruff on his scalp.It was very less in the beginning but its getting noticeable now. How do I treat my baby's dandruff ? Are there any products available out there which I can use for him ? Or should I leave that to go for itself ? Please answer my query .

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    I would suggest rubbing his little head down with olive oil or coconut oil...even almond oil and allow it to sit for a hour or so...then gently washing his hair with a gentle shampoo. You could even skip the shampoo and rinse his head with warm water.

    Try this for a few times and you should see a difference.

    Also you can skip washing his hair with any sort of shampoo and only use water to rinse his hair.

    Either way Im sure you will see results.


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    Yes I can second the advice above from sunnymumof5. I have found that some olive oil on the head and then rubbing the head gently with a soft baby brush works well. You can then rinse it off later.

    Warm wishes,

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    I'll try olive oil and see for the results. Thank you so much mommies !!

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