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    Missing periods?

    I just want to ask, I've been nursing my bub until now. I got my period back one month after giving birth, then took contraceptive pills and then stopped after five months. My problem is that my period didn't show up. It's been six months now after I stopped taking pills. What should I do?

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    Hi jacelene,

    Congratulations on breastfeeding your baby and giving them the very best start in life in so many ways (nutritionally, developmentally, emotionally, socially etc).

    When you are breastfeeding anything goes when it comes to your periods! In other words, anything that your periods do (or do not do!) is normal when you are breastfeeding. Actually if you are breastfeeding on demand then the average time for your periods to return is 15 months after giving birth. This time is hugely reduced if a parent gives their baby any formula milk at all.

    I assume you have checked you are not pregnant (a home urine pregnancy test can do this simply)? It's possible that your 'period' you describe one month after giving birth wasn't actually your period and your periods have not returned yet (this amount of time would certainly be considered normal).

    What was your bleeding like after giving birth? It is normal to bleed for up to a month after giving birth but this is not your period.

    Have you been exclusively breastfeeding from the start?

    Warm wishes,

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