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    My baby two year old loves watching TV. Is it OK ?

    So, my elder one is two years old now and he loves watching TV very much.He likes being glued to the television all the time and when he is not watching television he wants my phone to play with. Is it OK to let him be busy with it or should I be worried. I am mainly concerned regarding his eyesight.

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    This subject can be quite controversial. You will find 2 different opinions on the matter. I really feel that as a parent we must do the research and then make the best choice for our family and child. If you feel that it is too much then you can control the outcome by limiting screen time. If you feel that the amount of screen time is ok...then continue on with what you have always done.

    I do think one can find a happy medium with a 2 year old. Possibly allowing one or 2 shows then gently guiding the child to another activity and be engaged with the child as much as possible.

    Get out a toy and sit and play with your son, show him something new or take him on a walk and name trees or flowers.

    Ask him to help you around the house by doing small chores that you are doing. If your sweeping the floor give him a broom, wiping down the furniture, offer him a rag. He will follow in your footsteps.

    Have fun with it...
    I know you will make the best choice for your little one.


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    Hi Naush,

    I see you have already had some great advice from sunnymumof5 above.

    You may also like to have a look at this previous thread: How to tell if your child is watching too much television.

    With warm wishes,

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