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    Sibling bonding !!

    My elder son is 2 years old and younger one just turned one.Well our younger one was unplanned. How can I make it easier for my babies to bond with each other. As of now my elder one is cheerful with his little bro most of the times but at times he gets hyper and do little things that makes me fear. He tries hard to gain my attention when I am attending the little one.How can I make him bond well with his little brother.please reply.

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    Here are a few ideas to help with sibling bonding:

    Super messy in shaving cream all over the kitchen table and then add a scoop to the babies high chair...or sit baby on the table right in the middle of the fun...allow kids to make a big mess and everyone share a bath afterwards.

    In our house, we choose one very special day to be all about them. They get to choose dinner, games, activities, special snacks, everything! And we aim to spend the whole day making, doing, and being as a family.
    Since our focus is on activities and time, we don’t get too much jealousy – as everyone is participating. And since everyone has a birthday, everyone knows they get a special day too. Each brother or sister has a full day to think about and appreciate the birthday boy or girl.
    A great boost to sibling relationships.

    A family sleep over....the little ones camp out in mom and dads room once a month or whenever...allow the kids to make a tent with sheets or a pallet on the floor and make a party out of it. Maybe popcorn and juice or whatever special treat everyone or dad can even join in the tent for the night as well.

    Spending time together as a family is a wonderful way for siblings to bond. Going on a outting together to the park or to the ocean....a family fun day...or evening...which ever fits your family best. Enjoy one another, play, relax and enjoy each others company.

    Hope this gives you an idea of where to start. You will notice as they become older they will start to play together and will soon be the best of friends. The age spacing is a great at one year ....soon you will see that they are very fond of one another and will be interested in the same toys etc..

    Happy Parenting
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    I love these great ideas sunnymumof5 - I'll be trying some of them out myself!


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    This happens most of the times. Here you should involve both in any activity or game. I lied the idea of sunnymumof5 too.

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