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    is it recommended for first pregnancies?


    I really wanted to have a waterbirth as I feel more relaxed in the water. However, is it recommended
    for first time mums or just for those who had multiple pregnancies already?

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    Yes it absolutely is recommended for a first pregnancy. The benefits of birthing in water are immense and can help any mum in labour (be it her first labour or her fifth). I would certainly recommend looking into having a Waterbirth (you can read more about Waterbirths at this link).

    How many weeks pregnant are you now? Are you having midwife led care (this is most likely to lead to an active labour with minimal interventions and is suitable for pregnancies which are not classed as high risk)?

    Some of the advantages of birthing in water include:

    - the water acts as natural pain relief, therefore, you are less likely to need an epidural as labour progresses
    - less likely to need medical interventions (such as a forceps delivery)
    - the warm water helps many women to relax and breathe through their contractions making them smoother and more efficient and, therefore, reducing the total labour time
    - a birthing pool creates a labouring woman's own personal space; this helps her to 'go within herself' and trust in her body and her baby

    Please do post back if you have any further questions.
    Warm wishes,

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    Thanks for the insights.
    Im 33 weeks and midwifery led.

    I really think i'm going for a water birth.

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    Yes have a read of the link above I think you would benefit from, and enjoy, a waterbirth.


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