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    Cleaning my baby's ear !!

    My younger one is a year old and is a very restless baby. He is very impatient and a very active baby. I find everything from giving him a bath to cleaning his teeth to cleaning his ears a very big thing. He runs away from me him when it comes to cleaning, be it of any sort. How do I clean his ears in the best possible way ?

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    Hi visita,

    Thank you for posting your question here on the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond forum.

    Firstly, it is normal that your one year old does not want to keep still for these jobs. He is one and wonderfully active and ready to explore the world! Having a bath can be boring and having your teeth cleaned uncomfortable. It is fantastic that he is so interested in everything. Try to make any hygiene routines fun and part of a game. Take your time and gently follow his lead.

    Do you read this article: The Terrible Trouble with Toothbrushing: A Toddler's Perspective? I have found it really helpful.

    As an Audiologist, I can say that you don't need to be cleaning your baby's ears. In fact, you are actually more likely to do damage to the ears if you poke anything into them. We always say never put anything smaller than your elbow into the ear! It is just too easy to slip or cough or a child wriggles and you damage the eardrum.

    Ears have a self-cleaning property; the skin in the ear canal naturally grows outwards and will bring any wax or debris with it. When any wax or debris comes into the bowl part of the ear (known as the concha) you can wipe it away with a damp flannel, but don't put anything down the actual ear canal.

    If you are concerned that your baby's ears are particularly waxy then you can put a couple of drops of olive oil into the ear canal twice a week to help soften any wax. This will then naturally fall out on its own.

    I hope this helps.
    Warm wishes,

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    Thank you so much for your valuable advice

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    You are very welcome visita.

    Please do post back if you have any further questions.

    Best wishes,

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