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    Natural Remedies for Cold and Cough

    We have had a cold/cough going through our family and I saw a post on the forums of another mum who has a child with a cough, so I thought I'd post some suggestions for natural remedies you can give your child to speed recovery and quiet a cough.

    You could try making a mixture of honey and ginger juice and giving that to your child twice a day to help quiet a cough and boost his immune system. I haven't tried this, as I only now learned about it, but it's worth a try and the ginger and honey are really good for the immune system.

    Here's a video showing you how to make this natural cough syrup which can be done in a matter of minutes.

    Here's a Homemade Cough and Cold Syrup recipe that is mostly honey and onions. I've used something like this in the past and it worked for me.

    I have a wonderful Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner who makes up a wonderful herbal blend for my children, depending on what kind of cough they have (not all coughs are the same - some are dry, some are productive, etc.). I used this herbal blend with one of my children this month, and it really helped to speed her cough recovery.

    I know it's important to reduce/eliminate sugar and white flour products simply because those things will suppress the immune system and you want your child's immune system to be as strong as possible when healing.

    Does anyone have any natural remedies they use for a cold?

    Warm regards,

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