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    Does breastfeeding ruin intimacy, or put it on hold?

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    Hi sonybopper,

    Interesting question. I would have to say no. A baby can interrupt intimacy or cause us to change the times we are choose to be intimate with our husband but not breastfeeding! Babies, as you know, aren't interested in schedules or the way we used to do things. When they want a cuddle they want a cuddle, when they need milk they need milk. My feeling is this is the way it should be.

    Your breasts will often look fuller when you are breastfeeding and some mums and their partners like this. Sometimes you may have leaking milk but this can be accepted as natural and normal, along with love making. You can also use lilypadz which are great for controlling, and eventually stopping, breastmilk leakage.

    Family life changes whenever a new baby is born; breastfeeding or not. When you are breastfeeding you may find you get more overall sleep than a formula feeding mum because you are not having to get up to make formula and breastfeeding itself reduces sleep hormones. So having extra sleep can mean that you feel more like being intimate!

    However, I would take it slowly anyway when you have had a baby and start being intimate when you feel fully ready to do so. Again, gentleness and time is key.

    Warm wishes,

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    Hello sonybopper,

    Great question.
    I have found that breastfeeding totally enhances my sex life.
    My breasts are very sensitive and respond well to my sexual needs and desires.

    My husbands seems to enjoy my leaking breasts as well.
    Having lactated for over 9 years now, I thoroughly agree that breastfeeding enhances our sex life to the fullest.
    Enjoy your new body and amazing breasts.


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    Thanks for sharing sunnymumof5.

    What are your thoughts on this sonybopper?

    Warm wishes,

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