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    The blended family

    I have a blended family. I have raised by child with certain morals and manners that are absent in my future husband's children. It is difficult for me to enjoy them they way I want to and they way they deserve based on the feel-good unhealthy philosophies taught to them by the other parent. My son has been hurt by them on frequently for the first year, and it has calmed down since then. But I would flip out if my new born/ toddler were to become hurt, so I would not trust them around the baby. I want a product of the love I have with my future hubby, but I am not equally impressed by his seeds. I do not feel that I should not have baby because of the issues that may come up with his children? How do I express my concerns so it doesn't break up our new family once the baby arrives?

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    I want to make sure I understand your concerns.
    I see that your husband has children from a previous marriage and your not to happy about the way their mother has raised them.
    That your son has been hurt by them as well.
    Is this correct?

    What does your husband have to say about this delicate situation?
    I would be focused on open communication between yourself and husband on the matter.

    Possibly come up with a game plan and make sure your child rearing goals on are on the same path together.

    It sounds that you love your husband dearly and would like to have a child with him. I do believe with open communication you will be able to make a choice that is in the best interest of your future children together.


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    I agree sunnymumof5 - please let us know your thoughts on the above questions sonybopper so that we can help to support you further with this. How old are the ages of your husband's children?

    Warm wishes,

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