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Thread: I want Twins

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    I want Twins

    Is their anyway to increase the changes of multiples? My fiancée has twins and so does my brother, any chance of it happening to me? I would love that!!

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    Hi sonybopper,

    Twins are more likely in women aged over 35 years of age although after this age it is unfortunately also more difficult to conceive and the chance of miscarriage is higher as well as the chance of the baby being born with a syndrome such as Down Syndrome.

    There is thought to be a genetic factor involved in the likelihood of conceiving twins. However, current evidence points that it is if the woman has a family history of twins then it becomes more likely that she herself will conceive twins.

    Women who are on fertility treatment are also more likely to conceive twins, however, this does not mean that it is a certainty.

    Does this answer your questions?
    Warm wishes,

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