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    I am concerned about the chances of my child becoming very sick with vaccinations. I have heard people getting very ill from these shots, even blindness, behavioral disorders, like ADHD; even death!!! I am wondering if their are any alternatives? Can your child still enroll in school without them? How do you fight so your child does not have to have them. Are their foods or plants that can take the place of vaccinations?

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    Dear sonybopper,

    Firstly, I would say that any vaccination for your child (or yourself for that matter) is your choice. You always have the right to turn down the vaccination. This should not effect your child's ability to enroll in school, although you should check the school rules in the area you live in.

    Any vaccination does come with possible side effects; some more likely and some very rare. You may want to look at the likelihood of your child contracting the given disease (which will be dependent on the country in which you live and the incidence of this disease in that area) vs the likelihood of them experiencing the various possible side effects. You will also want to consider the severity of the disease vs the severity of the risks.

    You can boost a child's immunity with the food they eat but you cannot give them immunity to a particularly disease through this.

    It is a personal decision for every family; one that should be well-informed and respected.

    Warm wishes,

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