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    Ativan during pregnancy

    My doctor has prescribed me 0.5mg of Ativan, to take at night for panic attacks, I just wanted a second opinion, as you read so much bad stuff about it online. What are your views on taking this medication. I am 6 weeks pregnant.

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    Does the doctor that prescribed this medication know that you are pregnant?
    If so what did he say when prescribing you this medication?

    Personally Im much more hesitant to take medications during pregnancy and especially early pregnancy.
    However some times the need for the particular drug out weighs the risk of not taking the meds.

    I am not qualified to offer advice on medications and pregnant mums.
    I can offer several natural known rememdies to treat panic attacks. As I have suffered from situational anxiety during a short period in my life.

    Here is what I have found to help with anxiety and panic attacks:

    Daily exercise, short walks, prenatal yoga.

    Get some sun, daily sunshine warms the soul.

    Take daily omeg-3 fatty acid supplements.

    Vitamin B supplements.

    Talk therapy, either professionally or between friends and family.

    Meditation and deep breathing exercises.

    Bach's Rescue Remedy tincture.

    Hope these ideas and suggestions help.

    Sending you much light and love.


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