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    Explosive personality at age 5

    My daughter has an explosive personality sometimes when things do not go her way. Her teacher recently had a meeting with us and also used the word explosive temper. She asked us if we can work on it with her, and of course we agreed. How can we help our daughter control her anger or temper? How can we help her control her emotions at such a young age?

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    Have you noticed that her temper is more so at school than at home? Or is this a fairly constant for her personality?

    She may be frustrated with her environment and may not yet have the vocabulary to explain her feelings.

    Is their any way you can communicate with her that its normal to have frustrating feelings and offer her unique ways to cope with her frustrations? Such as a personal time out, a bath room break, meditation, blowing bubbles, activities to help her decompress when she is feeling overwhelmed.

    It may be that she is feeling overwhelemd and needs a break.
    I know I feel that way myself and Im an adult. Im able to recognize the need for a time out before I explode.

    Talk to her and see what could be triggering her explosive episodes.

    Also make sure you and your husband (and teacher) understand that this is normal behavior for a 5 year old child. Rather than punishing her, work with her and let her know you understand. Let her know she can always feel safe with you and you will always be their for her.


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    sunnymumof5- Thank you for your response. I do implement time outs, when that happens, she does her final yell and some times hits the wall on her way to the time out area. We always talk after, and she apologizes. However, she seems to understand once we discuss it, but when she gets angry, she forgets everything we talked about. I really want to stop this now, before the teenage years arrive.

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    Do you think she is copying this behaviour from someone lovemykids?

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    A personal time out is not's a time when we recognize that we need a break from the world around us. So maybe talking to her about taking that break on her own, with out your input. Maybe a heads up from you suggesting a personal time out....a break from the world around her...where she can regain her thoughts and relax from all the stimulation the world provides.

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