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    Why do I get hair loss after giving birth?

    After two months of childbirth I can see a lot of my hair falling on the floor when I take showers. It bothers me a lot because some of my friends noticed my hair thinning. I am a hands on mom and a housewife. I do basically everything at home. I get so tired at the end of the day taking care of my baby and doing household chores. That doesn’t stop even during night time, I have to continue attending to my baby’s needs. I am so worried of my hair loss. Will this ever stop? Please help me!

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    This is actually quite common so please try not to worry. In pregnancy your hair often becomes thicker because of the change to your hormone levels. Many women like the full look to their hair during pregnancy. However, in the weeks and months after giving birth your hair will return to its normal level - and so it will fall out or come out when you brush or wash it; as you describe above.

    Some women like to use a volumising shampoo at this time or try a different hair style. It is normal and things will settle down over the next month or so.

    I hope this helps.

    Warm wishes,

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