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    How often should I have pap smear?

    I gave birth last April. I was supposed to have my scheduled pap smear this last August but I wasn't able to go. How important is it for me to have the said test? Do i really have to do this as soon as possible?

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    Here is some basic guidelines for pap smears:

    Under 21: No Pap smear necessary, regardless of sexual activity.
    21-29: Pap smear every three years.
    30-65: Pap smear every three years, or a Pap smear and test together every five years.
    Over 65: No screening if there is no previous history of cervical cancer.

    If you’re having multiple partners, then every year, If you’re in a stable relationship, then every two years.

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    Hi Sunnymumof5,

    Thank you for that info. I thought every after pregnancy, it is a must to have a pap smear.

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    Did you have a pap smear while you were pregnant?

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    Sunnymumof5, nope. But my friends are suggesting since I'm already 30.

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