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    Biting or clampdown reflex

    I had the most awful/painful beginnings of breastfeeding with daughter number 3. She was born too quickly (17 minutes, stage 2 labour) and this caused her skull to not move as it would if she were born less quickly. It resulted in her biting till my nipples were bleeding and painful (toe-curling, nail-biting, tearful pain). Her fontinels were very small & skull/bones were too tight and was causing her jaw to clamp down. Took her to the chiropractor and the problem was fixed over-night in one gentle, easy visit. Thank goodness!

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    Great tip Nerrida. I have been referring quite a few babies with breastfeeding difficulties to chiropractors and osteopaths who have a special interest in newborn babies. They are helpful for breastfeeding problems like you experienced and other issues such as weak sucking, difficulties breastfeeding on one side and much more. There is a thread on recommended chiropractors here - and recommended osteopaths here
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