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    Does all organic really matter?

    Thinking ahead about the next pregnancy (not pregnant yet). Is it really worth the money to eat all organic? Has anyone tried it and felt differently or have a doctor who specifically recommends it for pregnancy? Thanks!

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    Dear momtomax,

    That's an interesting question.

    I think you will find this article on our main site helpful: Eating Organic Food When Pregnant and Breastfeeding - What are the Benefits?

    Studies show that organic food is significantly higher in vitamins and minerals than its non-organic counterparts. For example, organic apples are 60% higher in zinc than non-organic apples. This is of particular benefit in pregnancy both for mum and baby. The other important advantage of organic produce is that it is free of chemicals and growth hormones. It is best to try and avoid as many chemicals as possible in pregnancy (research also backs this up).

    It's certainly something worth thinking about.

    Warm wishes,

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    Apparently studies have been conducted that organic products and organically-grown food carries a lot more health benefits. Compared to chemically-enhanced food that we usually buy at the groceries, they have a lot more antioxidants and much lower calories.

    If you want to try going for an organic lifestyle, then I guess you could start with organic cereals/porridge for breakfast or even substitute your usual rice for organic Basmati rice (you can find it here: wormlyorganics[.]com[.]au/products/basmati-rice ). Same taste, but a lot more nutrients!

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