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    9weeks pregnant and bleeding

    Hi i am 9 weeks pregnant and recently found out ive got thrush ive been to an out of hours dr who gave me cream but ive now started to bleed brownish blood im so scared i could be misscarrying 😢

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    Hi lynds,

    I'm sorry to read about your concerns. I have replied to your other thread here - please have a read of my comments.

    The thrush cream should not cause any problems in pregnancy.

    Let us know how you get on,

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    Hello, I'm also 9 weeks pregnant, this is my second pregnancy, I to started spotting, actually it happened to me on the 29th of Aug., I was at work, I freaked out, rushed to the emergancy room, Dr. checked my blood,urine and all the other fun stuff including an ultra sound, everything was fine,Dr. said it's part of the pregancy it happens during the early stages of pregnancy. I understand your fear. Hope all went well.

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    I'm so pleased that you had good news mumzone.

    Spotting can be a normal part of pregnancy - particularly in the first trimester. Actually, around 25% of women will experience bleeding in pregnancy and this will be normal for them. However, any bleeding above spotting or with abdominal cramps should be checked by a midwife or a doctor.

    Warm wishes,

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