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    My bub got bumped

    I have a two year old bub. And her head is bumping everywhere. I mean she's just walking around and then suddenly she'll get out of balanced and then bumped! Even when sitting, we'll just get surprised she'll suddenly lay down and bumped her head again. We're thinking that her head is heavier than the normal babies. Is it possible?

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    Hi jacelene,

    It is very common for toddlers of this age to bump their heads frequently. One reason for this is so much around them is at their head height. I have the same with my 20 month old - I constantly watch him or he will suddenly bump his head on the table or a chair or even the wall. Toddler proofing your house (as far as is possible) can really help with this and will also make it easier for you to look after your daughter at home. You can buy devices like table corner or table side protectors and move as much furniture out of the way.

    The other major reason why bumps are common at this age is a 2 year old is still learning to co-ordinate themselves. Toddler's skulls are different to the adult skull and most bumps will not cause them a problem. However, if they seems inconsolable after a head bump or sleepy or unresponsive then you should urgently seek medical attention.

    All toddlers develop different skills at different times and rates. For example, some toddlers will have highly advanced speech and language skills but be less developed in terms of physical co-ordination. In most cases it will all come with time. From what you have described your daughter's co-ordination sounds normal. How is her walking, running and other physical actions? However, if you are still concerned then you should speak to your doctor.

    With warm wishes,

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