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    CoSleeping - any negatives?

    I know there are a lot of positives to cosleeping, but are there negatives also? If so, what are they?

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    Great question about the cons of co-sleeping, as we tend to hear quite a bit of information on both sides of the co-sleeping coin.
    Here is a post from another mum asking about co-sleeping.

    Here you will find a great thread on co-sleeping as well.

    Co-sleeping is a choice that each family must make depending on ones family dynamics.
    We are a co-sleeping family and it has worked out wonderful for us.
    I feel that you will find positives and negatives to many subjects.
    I personally do not have any negatives with co-sleeping, because its worked so well for us.
    All 5 of our children have co-slept, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

    Best of Luck

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    Thanks. I tried to search for it before I posted, but perhaps I didn't use the correct words. The links you provided are great. I've already learned some things!

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    Dear Kgriff,

    Co-sleeping can be a wonderful way of getting sleep when you have a baby or toddler and it can provide night-time bonding time and help immensely with breastfeeding on demand.

    However, it is not for everyone - both you and your partner have to be happy with co-sleeping. It is also really important that you follow safe co-sleeping guidelines. You can find out more about this here. For example:

    - a baby under 12 months of age should not have a pillow or duvet
    - the safest place is for the baby to sleep next to mum not in the middle of mum and dad (mums inherently respond differently to their baby at night)
    - it is safer if you are breastfeeding because of the way you body will be in-tune with your baby's feeds
    - don't co-sleep if you or your partner smoke or drink

    Co-sleeping (safely) has been so important to our family life. I personally have enjoyed using a 'side car cot' when my babies were young and then the baby has moved to the bed from here. One disadvantage I have found is that I can disturb an older baby when I get into bed at night.

    Warm wishes,

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